Historic Dorset 

Historic Dorset is a guide to historic locations in and around Dorset, including both important locations and hidden treasures.  

All locations are on the Map - with maps showing the location of each historic place, it's easy to find something close to you. If you want to know how to get there you can open Maps directly from the guide.

A bit of history - Every location has details about its history, always enough to give an idea about the place but brief enough to remain interesting.

Pictures - If 'One picture is worth ten thousand words', then we've got a lot to say. With original protographs, painting and drawing specifically produced for the guide.

Easy to navigate - Find locations easily using the maps or search for them. When you find something interesting you can also bookmark it for later.

Works well even when there is no signal - all of the maps and pictures are built into the application so even when you have no signal you can still use the guide. And when the signal is good you can also find your location in Maps, Make Calls & Create Emails. Because the guide doesn't need a phone connection it works great with an iPod Touch