Application Development

Bespoke Application Development

In addition to providing web sites for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) we also provide bespoke development for larger customers. We have experience in building applications for both public and private sector organisations in many areas of business including banking, telecommunications, utilities and government. Many of the applications we have created are core to the business and relied upon by our customers on a daily basis. We understand the importance of robust and reliable applications and take great care in creating high quality software. Since its inception, Snefru Consulting has focused on using standards based technologies. We have significant experience in most areas of enterprise development with a background in developing database applications using the Oracle, Java and various web technologies. In addition to using our core experience with existing tools we also keep up to date with the changing face of the IT industry and adopt those technologies that are most appropriate for our customers. More recently this has led us to add Adobe Flex to our toolset. If you are interested in us providing a bespoke solution for your business please feel free to contact us.


IT Consultancy

With many years of enterprise application development experience we can provide consultancy on many aspects of enterprise technology. We have specialist experience with the Oracle database and developer toolset, Java and Adobe Flex. In addition to application development we have provided consultancy to many of our customers on application development, emerging technologies and database tuning. If you have a requirement for consultancy in existing or emerging technologies please feel free to contact us.